ArticleAloe Vera

Aloe vera like other medicinal plants is being used since decades, to counter many health issues. Having ability to be easily planted and giving a scenic look is the reason plant is seen around the world, as home plant.

Aloe juices and gels at various retail store are made from gel coated inside leaves of aloe vera plant, aloe can be used at our own simply by cutting plant leaves lengthwise in slices, taking out gel. Aloe is natural healer for many diseases.

Aloe as Skin healing mask: Aloe is used as skin moisturizer; it also heals acne scars. “Aloe facemask” is a simple product that can be made at home by mixing aloe leaf gel with oil, once applied for thirty minutes will have positive effect on skin health, along with cooling effect.

Aloe as sunburn healing Gel:
Aloe vera is marked as excellent sunburn healer. Many sunburn gels available at retail store contain fraction of aloe vera along with chemicals. Using natural aloe leaf instead of chemically processed commercial gel is a better option from customer perspective in terms of cost and side effects. Aloe gel is a cure to redness and pain, caused as result of sunburn. Aloe gel can be used alone or as mixture when used with coconut oil. Scientifically aloe gel can penetrate much deeper in skin than commercial products for skin.

Aloe a cure for minor skin burns: Aloe’s leaf have hydrating behavior, this characteristics makes it a natural cure for minor skin burns, Aloe saturates deeper into skin layers to counter inflammation, aid effective recovery of burnt areas. Apply aloe on burnt area and cover it with bandage, it will remove the pain, and recover burnt area quickly.

Aloe for Cuts and Wounds: Polysaccharide fibers are found in aloe plant, these fibers naturally coat wounds, having soothing effect.

Aloe for skin irritation and itching: Skin irritation generally called as “Psoriasis”, is hard to cure or combat even with creams commercially available, those working effectively contain a greater concentration of chemicals, using aloe that contains glycoprotein this medical illness is cured.

Aloe is being used for internal use to heal digestive tract; it acts as anti toxin, cleaning digestive tract. Healthy digestive system is a key to healthy body.

Aloe is a source of alkaline food, as a rule our body requires 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic, intake of acidic food in today’s arena is more, using aloe “source of alkaline food” we can balance body requirements. Alkaline environment are highly unsuitable for diseases to survive, thus aloe can be labeled as “Germs Fighter”.

Aloe is a source of amino acids, biologist refer to amino acid as building blocks of proteins. According to scientist human body need 22 amino acids out of these 8 amino acids were found to exist in aloe vera, using aloe juice or extract this requirement can be fulfilled.

Aloe is an adaptogen; it helps human body and immune system specifically to adjust in changing physical and environmental conditions to resist illness. Aloe strengthen body’s immune system, this feature can be safeguard against various types and degree of physical emotional and environmental.

Aloe improves cardiovascular health: Aloe improves cardiovascular health, according to research “aloe extraction in blood enhances oxygen transportation and diffusing capabilities”, In 2000 British Medical Journal found “Beta-Sitosterol” helps lowering cholesterol, thus using aloe we can improve circulation of blood, lowering cholesterol, reducing probability of heart disease.
Aloe’s active ingredients are sulphur, salicylic acid, cinnamic acid, urea nitrogen; all these ingredients counter growth of microorganisms that cause disease, thus using aloe internal and external infections can be prevented.

Aloe is used as “weight lose product”, as it regulates energy by improving digestive abilities, lightening toxic load.

Although containing miraculous benefits aloe marked as “super natural product”, should be used with great care, Long term prescription of aloe is not generally recommended like other medical plants. High intake of aloe can cause problems. Aloe’s usage during pregnancy is not recommended because of its purgative and irritant properties. Aloe should not be used with drugs as it behaves negatively when taken with medications like diuretic drugs, sevoflurane, anti diabetes.

Aloe can cause electrolyte imbalance because of presence of stimulant laxatives, decrease in potassium element can be a cause of irregular heartbeat.
Using aloe vera for long term and in large concentration usually have negative effects but a balance usage like other medicinal plants can be fruitful.